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If you're thinking about redoing your bathroom, consider getting quartz countertops. The dedicated crew at L&M Granite Countertops, LLC recommends this material because its non-porous surface is ideal for bathrooms.

Since quartz is an engineered material, it comes in a wide range of colors. You won't experience any trouble finding a color that complements your design preferences.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathrooms with quartz countertops? Contact us today to schedule your installation in the Phoenix, AZ area.

What's the difference between quartz and quartzite?

What's the difference between quartz and quartzite?

Even though the names sound similar, quartz and quartzite are two different materials.

Residents of the Phoenix, AZ area count on the skilled team at L&M Granite Countertops to explain the differences. The distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Durability
  • Price
  • Appearance
  • Maintenance
  • Heat-resistance

You can't go wrong with quartz or quartzite countertops. Call now to learn more about the differences between quartz and quartzite countertops.